AVGC Industry

Our goal is to make Karnataka a world-class hub for the AVGC sector by 2025.

Dedicated Infrastructure

To achieve this, we have begun developing a supporting infrastructure that will transform the capacity and ability of the state-based AVGC industry to compete on the global stage.

ABAI Finishing School

The CoE also has a graduate school that trains talented technicians and makes them available to businesses in Karnataka.

About ABAI

The Center of Excellence features state-of-the-art facilities that provide a comprehensive technology push to the AVGC industry in Bengaluru and Karnataka.

A fully equipped AVGC post-production lab that provides the industry with the resources to create high-quality content. The CoE also has a graduate school to train highly qualified technicians, make them available to companies in Karnataka and promote employment opportunities.


Facial Capture System

A face capture headset for capturing an actor's face. Separate rooms to simultaneously capture ADR-style facial footage and dubbing.


A fully modular setup to meet the rapidly changing needs of the AR / VR industry. It supports modern HMDs, portable workstations, high performance graphics workstations, and video walls / caves.

Full Body Performance Capture

Optical motion capture system with the required orientation, supporting infrastructure in studio space.

Green Screen

A green background where a moving subject is photographed. This allows you to add individually shot backgrounds to the final image.

Body Scanner 3D

3D scans capture people or objects that, after processing, can be used as digital doubles in games, movies, television, and advertising.

Render Farm

Renderfarm is a data center specialized in rendering 3D projects. The purpose of a render farm is to make rendering jobs much easier and faster to run by distributing rendering across multiple servers.

DI Color Correction

Color grading and mastering capabilities with properly calibrated monitors and projection systems to support high resolution, high color depth projects: for transcoding and mastering to various standards such as DCP, broadcast, digital streaming channels, etc.

Incubation Centre

A high-end workstation with popular software that each customer can use according to their project needs.

Finishing School

Our finishing school has partnered with UNITY for a partnership program that enables finishing schools.