Scopik is an Edu technology company formed with some of the smartness regional mind can offer It Aims to bring education technology to masses and to develop and distribute products that shall help in digital transformation It works in the technology space of AI, Computer Vision, IoT, AR/VR and Deep tech



Serving our community of students, Employed and budding Entrepreneurs through creative paths that Enrich and Empower their academic and professional passions expanding our collective contributions to the world.



The prime purpose of SCOPIK is to provide an environment in which Students, Employed and budding Entrepreneurs can observe, learn, preserve and transmit the knowledge, acumen and the principle that will help ensure the survival of this and future generations and improve the quality of Life for all. SCOPIK seeks to help them to develop and understanding and appreciation for the corporeal and cultural worlds in which they Live and to realize they’re utmost latent of intellectual, physical and human development.



To emerge as a World – Class University in creating and disseminating knowledge, and providing students a unique learning experience in Technology, and other Immersive Tech areas of scholarship that will best serve the world and betterment of mankind


CEO Message

Team SCOPIK is continuing to provide quality services and build our brand and services, which has now become synonymous with our commitment to helping our beneficiaries share knowledge and create innovation With changing business dynamics, digital technology professionals need to upskill themselves to adapt to the latest trends, technologies, and tools As things progress, the digitization of businesses will accelerate in the coming years On behalf of our Team SCOPIK, I would like to extend my profound appreciation to all the stakeholders who have continuously supported our development this far, and as we move forward, I humbly expect the same encouragement and guidance towards SCOPIK EDUTECH PVT LTD.

Shri . J. Balakrishnan

Advisor Message

Mahatma Gandhi dream of a free India when the country had remained enslaved for over three centuries And today, we are living his dream…
At a time when India could not build even the world class air carriers, the legendary our Dr APJ Abdul Kalam dreamt Missiles are developed to strengthen the country Today the ‘ the ‘ and ‘ belong to India too I have a dream a dream of building a new India the journey began with Scopik SCOPIK born and seeks to promote awareness among student fraternity About various options in Private, Govt as well Entrepreneurship and equip themselves to endeavor into achieving the dream of a secure career.

Shri. M. Abul Hassan IAS.,(R)

Scopik Advantages

  • Start up focusing on ARVR Skill production and Development
  • Authorized reseller for Unity products across India
  • Qualitative analysis of Delivery
  • AR VR Immersive Lab setup at the university
  • AICTE Aligned program for emerging trend for UG colleges
  • AR VR curriculum is aligned to the NSQF norms and its recognized by NSDC MESC
  • Project Based Learning with various industry partners
  • BOS member of various colleges and universities
  • Industry Connect in terms of Guest Lecture Placement assistance
  • 100% Placement assistance

Scopik Opportunities

  • Conversation with Computers, like chatbots
  • Virtual Reality(VR) / Augmented Reality like gaming, sports, entertainment, business & Healthcare
  • Internet Of Things (IoT) like controlling home appliances and office equipment’s remotely. This may include smart fridge, smart AC, smart Energy etc
  • Machine Learning like use of Artificial Intelligence that predicts outcomes without any human intervention.
  • Big Data which uses Data Driven Healthcare. This way health providers can cure the patient’s diseases effectively.

Scopik Partners